Growsome O 有健康和創新的含義。這個名字也代表 0 動物激素、0 人工色素和 0 防腐劑。“Grow”象徵成長。作爲一家食品科技公司,我們致力研究不同獨家植物基的原材料,目標開發替代蛋白的植物基產品,解決市場上產品的痛點之外,還達到可持續發展。此外,我們也不斷成長,研究更先進和創新的發酵食品技術。 Growsome O evokes a healthy and innovative connotation. The name also suggests that our products are 0 animal hormones, 0 artificial colourings and 0 artificial preservatives. The word “Grow” symbolised growing. As a food technology company, we are dedicated to develop exclusive combinations of plant-based raw material to solve the pain point of products in the market and to achieve sustainability. Moreover, we keep growing. We are eager to investigate more advanced and innovative fermentation food technology.
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